Friday, September 5, 2014

September Library Book List

National Geographic KIDS
By Melissa Stewart
ISBN: 978-1-4263-0429-3

The Tiny Seed
By Eric Carle
ISBN: 0-88708-015-4
Dazzlingly colorful collage illustrations and a simple but dramatic text tell the fascinating story of the life cycle of a flower in terms of the adventures of a tiny seed.

My "w" Sound Box
By Jane Belk Moncure
Illustrated by Colin King
ISBN: 1-56766-789-9

The Fly on the Ceiling A Math Myth
By Dr. Julie Glass
Illustrated by Richard Waltz
ISBN: 0-613-07795-4
Rene Descartes is a great thinker. But he does have one big problem. He is very messy. In fact, his house is so messy that he can't find a single thing! The answer to his problem beings with…the fly on his ceiling!

Kingfisher Readers 1
By Thea Feldman
ISBN: 978-0-7534-7136-4

Tyrannosaurus Rex
By Wil Mara
ISBN: 978-0-531-20861-8

Old Bear and His Cub
By Olivier Dunrea
ISBN: 978-0-399-24507-7
Old Bear loves his Little Cub with all his heart. He makes sure that Little Cub eats all his porridge, takes a nap during their snowy walk, and wraps his red scarf tightly around his ears. Little Cub doesn't want to be told what to do, but he always listens to Old Bear because he knows that Old Bear loves him. But when Old Bear catches a cold, it's Little Cub who knows just what to do to make Old Bear feel better.
This winning bedtime story shows just how much Old Bears and Little Cubs love one another---with all their hearts.

What Do You Do with a Grumpy Kangaroo?
A book about feelings
By Jane Belk Moncure
Illustrated by Linda Hohag and Lori Jacobson
ISBN: 0-89565-688-4

By Tomie DePaola
ISBN: 978-0-399-16154-4
When Jack sets out to see the world and find a place of his own, he's surprised to attract a following of enthusiastic animal friends eager to join him on his quest. Jack and his entourage all have high hopes that they will find just what they are looking for as they travel on their merry way.
Beloved author-illustrator Tomie dePaola has based this story on traditional "Jack tales," in which a young hero ventures out to seek his fortune and gains it through luck or pluck. This version is perfect for preschoolers, as Jack's reward is a wealth of animal friends who increase in number and volume as the story progresses. Children will delight in the cumulative chorus of animal sounds as the pages get more and more crowded with the residents of this delightful kingdom.

The Big Honey Hunt
By Stan and Jan Berenstain
ISBN: 978-0-394-80028-1

By Rudyard Kipling
Illustrated by Lambert Davis
ISBN: 0-15-267015-7
When a young Indian mongoose is rescued and befriended by a small boy and his parents, he begins a life-and-death struggle to protect his newly adopted family from the deadly cobras that live in the gardens surrounding the family's home --- cobras that want the people to leave … forever.
Lush full-color paintings by noted artist Lambert Davis capture the drama and adventure of this remarkable tale, which has been enjoyed and cherished by children around the world.
*this book makes me want a mongoose!*

Shells! Shells! Shells!
By Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
ISBN: 978-0-7614-5332-1
What makes shells? How do shells grow? Why are some shells bumpy? 
Buddy and his mother spend a delightful day at the beach. They collect shells, look at shells, and Buddy learns all kinds of wonderful things about shells, shells, shells!

Planting Seeds
By Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
ISBN: 978-0-7614-5643-8

Poems to Read to the Very Young
Selected by Josette Frank
Illustrated by Dagmar Wilson
ISBN: 0-394-89768-4

Mighty Math Patterns
By Sara Pistoia
ISBN: 1-56766-117-3

Poetry Speaks to Children
Edited by Elise Paschen
Illustrated by Judy Love, Wendy Rasmussen, and Paula Zinngrabe Wendland
ISBN: 978-1-4022-0329-9
Poetry Speaks to Children is an imaginative treasury of the spoken and written word for kids of all ages.  It includes 52 wonderful performances by the poets and a few close friends.

Whiskers & Rhymes
By Arnold Lobel
ISBN: 0-688-03836-0
My London Bridge 
Has just one task,
It has to stand…
That's all I ask.
So begins Arnold Lobel's new rhyme about an old bridge. All the nursery rhymes in this collection are new---but they won't be new for long. Children will take them to heart---and learn them by heart---as soon as they hear them. Arnold Lobel has give children a gift that will become an integral part of their lives---and of the lives of their children's children.

The Magic School Bus Going Batty
A Book about Bats
By Joanna Cole
Illustrated by Bruce Degen
ISBN: 0-590-73872--0
The class is learning about nocturnal animals -- creatures of the night. 
But it's driving them batty!
Ralphie thinks Ms. Frizzle is a vampire.
And the Magic School Bus has grown wings!
But after they hang around the castle for a while, the class finds out the trught about Ms. Frizzle, and learns everything they ever wanted to know about bats!
From an episode of the animated TV series produced by Scholastic Productions, Inc. Based on The Magic School Bus books written by Joanna Cole and illustrated by Bruce Degen.

The Dunderheads Behind Bars
By Paul Fleischman
Illustrated by David Roberts
ISBN: 978-0-7636-4543-4
Everyone's favorite underdogs are back!
School is out for the summer, and the Dunderheads are finally rid of the awful Miss Breakbone -- or so they thought! But when teen movie  star Ashley Throbb-Hart is shooting a movie in the neighborhood, who should show up as an extra but their formidable former teacher? And she's not the only Breakbone the Dunderheads must contend with: there's also Miss Breakbone's barrel-chested brother, Police Chief Breakbone!

The Three Little Tamales
By Erik A. Kimmel
Illustrated by Valeria Docampo
ISBN: 978-0-7614-5519-6
While three little tamales cool off on a windowsill, a tortilla rolls by, "You'll be eaten. You'd better run," he tells them.
And so the tamales jump out the window.
The first runs to the prairie and builds a house of sagebrush.
The second runs to a cornfield and builds a house of cornstalks.
The third runs to the desert and builds a house of cactus.
Then would should come along but SeƱor Lobo, the Big Bad Wolf.
Just like the wolf in "The Three Little Pigs," he plans to huff and puff and blow their houses down. But does he succeed? Or do the three little tamales outwit him?

The Hiccuping Hippo
By Keith Faulkner
Illustrated by Jonathan Lambert
ISBN: 0-8037-2963-4
Poor Hippo has a horrible case of the hiccups!
All of his friends think they know the perfect cure, but nothing seems to work. Hippo's hiccups just keep getting worse!
Only when the animals put their heads together do they find the right solution, a cure that Hippo---and young readers---will never forget.
With bright, bold pop-ups and a surprise ending, here is another wildly funny book from the best-selling creators of The Wide-Mouthed Frog.

Tyler Makes Pancakes!
By Tyler Florence
Illustrated by Craig Frazier
ISBN: 978-0-06-204752-6

It starts with a grumbling tummy. And a dream of something yummy. What is it time for? PANCAKES!
Tyler and his dog, Tofu, are hungry for blueberry pancakes.
They are so good to eat---all fluffy and juicy and hot. But the real fun is making them.
First you need a chicken, a cow, a few blueberry bushes, some special trees, and lots of mixing, flipping, and topping.
Chickens? Trees? We're still talking pancakes, right?
Yes we are, and Tyler and Tofu find out just how it's done, all before sitting down for the best breakfast ever!
Do you think pancakes come from a box? Not really! So let Food Network star Tyler Florence and Craig Frazier take you on an adventure from farm to bout. You'll learn how we get the best ingredients and discover that the most important one of all comes from the heart.

A Boy Called Dickens
By Deborah Hopkinson
Illustrated by John Henderson
ISBN: 978-0-375-96732-0
This is old London, on a winter morning long ago. Come along, now. We are here to search for a boy called Dickens.

Dig those Dinosaurs
By Lori Haskins Houran
Illustrated by Francisca Marquez
ISBN: 978-0-8075-1579-2
Discover the journey a dinosaur bone takes from the ground to a museum exhibit!
Maybe you've seen dinosaur bones in a museum--but how do they get there? Follow a paleontologist and his crew as they dig and rig those big dinosaur bones! Includes up-to-date facts on fossils and how paleontologists work. Sure to inspire even the youngest dinosaur fan.
Dig, dig, dig those dinosaurs!

By Astronaut Mark Kelly
Illustrated by C. F. Payne
ISBN: 978-1-4424-5824-6
METEOR is a hardworking and friendly mouse, and has all the qualities that a space mouse should have. But Meteor is very small. Teeny-weeny. Itsy-bitsy. And so whenever mice are needed to go up into space, the bigger mice are chosen and Meteor is left behind.
When the day finally does come and Meteor is chosen and is sent off to outer space, it's up to Meteor and the power of small to save the mission and earn his wings and his new title -- MOUSETRONAUT!
Astronaut Mark Kelly, a four time veteran of the space shuttle, tells a story based on his experience and imagination. Come along on Mousetronaut's first mission. You'll be glad you did.

Gifts of the Heart
By Patricia Polacco
ISBN: 978-0-399-16094-3
A magical Christmas
story the author swears is true, right
down to the sleigh tracks on the
farmhouse roof!
This is Tricia and Richie's last Christmas on the farm. Grampa is selling it in the spring. They would love to buy wonderful gifts for their family, but they don't have enough money.
Enter Kay Lamity, their new housekeeper…or is she? She enters their lives like a whirlwind, brimming with good humor and a can-do attitude. Kay not only straightens them out when it comes to whether Santa is real, she teaches them something about gifts: the just-good-enough kind that comes from the pocketbook and the unforgettable kind that come from the heart. And because of Kay, Trisha and Richie---and the family---have a Christmas morning they will never forget.
Beloved author-illustrator Patricia Polacco introduces readers to a new character who is truly a force of nature in this wonderful ode to the magic of family, Christmas, and giving the right kind of gifts---gifts of the heart.

The Wonderful Wizard of OZ vol. 2
Adapted by Eric Shanower
Illustrated by Skottie Young (artist), Jean-Francois Beaulieu (colorist), and Jeff Eckleberry (letterer)
ISBN: 978-1-61479-227-7
L. Frank Baum's beloved classic gets the Marvel treatment! When Kansas girl Dorothy flies away to the magical Land of Oz, she fatally flattens a Wicket Witch, liberates a living Scarecrow, and is hailed by the Munchkin people as a great sorceress… but all she really wants to know is: how does she get home?

Equal Shmequal - A Math Adventure
By Virginia Kroll
Illustrated by Philomena O'Neill
ISBN: 1-57091-891-0
What does it mean to be equal?
Mouse and her friends want to play tug-of-war, but they can't figure out how to make equal teams. Plant-eaters against meat-eaters? Fur against no fur? Nothing works until Mouse takes things into her own paws and levels the playing field.
Award-winning author Virginia Kroll and illustrator Philomena O'Neill bring equal parts of charm and humor to this tale of friendship and fairness.

The Tyrannosaurus Game
By Steven Kroll
Illustrated by Tomie dePaola
ISBN: 0-8234-0275-4
What do you do when it's raining out and school is boring and everyone's feeling blah? You play the "tyrannosaurus game."
Jimmy starts: "Last Saturday, I was eating breakfast when all of a sudden a tyrannosaurus came crashing through the window." Peggy picks up the story, passes it to Susan, who passes it to Billy, Alice, Rusty, and soon, as each child adds something new, the tyrannosaurus is riding a bus, a seesaw, a motorbike, and a roller coaster. When the story reaches Philip, he comes up with a marvelously preposterous ending.
Tomie dePaola's three-color pictures add to the exuberance, and readers will want to invent their own "tyrannosaurus game."

The Busy Tree
By Jennifer Ward
Illustrated by Lisa Falkenstern
ISBN: 978-0-7614-5550-9
Spectacular illustrations and a rhyming text describe the amazing activities that go on in a tree from its roots to its branches. Chipmunks nibbling acorns, ants scurrying across a trunk, a spider spinning a way, leaves "breathing out air for all to breathe in" -- everything adds up to a busy tree for all to look at and enjoy.

Seeds! Seeds! Seeds!
By Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
ISBN: 0-7614-5159-5
Buddy best five colorful bags in the mail from his grandfather who writes:
"Dear Buddy,
Have five days of fun! 
Buddy finds a surprise in each bag, and with each surprise he discovers something wonderful about seeds.
Whether he sorts, collects, eats or creates with seeds, Buddy has fun!

Over in the Garden
By Jennifer Ward
Illustrated by Kenneth J. Spengler
Set to the traditional tune of "Over in the Meadow," this read-again book will teach youngsters much more than how to count as they follow these lovable bugs throughout their day and into the night.
Over in the Garden is complete with a glossary, musical score, and hidden numbers in every illustration. This child-friendly counting book will introduce readers to an array of adorable insects--from ladybugs to fireflies.

Chief Rhino to the Rescue
By Sam Lloyd
ISBN: 978-0-8050-8821-2
Chief Rhino is the bravest person in Whoops-a-Daisy World, so when he sees the flicker of flames in a window, he knows he must race to the rescue. If anyone can save the day, Chief Rhino can!

Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek 
Tall, Thin Tale (Introducing His Forgotten Frontier Friend)
By Deborah Hopkinson
Illustrated by John Hendrix
ISBN: 978-0-375-93768-2
Abe takes a big breath and begins. His feet are slippery. The log is slippery. He inches across. Slowly…slowly…
Here comes the bit that's a mite scary--the part where if this were a move, the music would get rumbly and you might cover you eyes.
Abe looks down at the water, swirling and spinning. Suddenly, he's dizzy.
Alas! Alack! Oh dear!
He's head over heels, and then---SPLASH!

Leaf Man
By Lois Ehlert
ISBN: 0-15-205304-2
Where does a Leaf Man go when the wind blows?
Do you know?

The Skywriter
By Dennis Haseley
Illustarted by Dennis Nolan
ISBN: 978-1-59643-252-9
"I'll take you to a far-off land. Where everything's warm, and everything shines. Where little people are as tall as trees."
"And what will you write in the sky?" Charles asked.
"HERE WE GO," said the airplane man.
When Charles plays with his favorite toys, little figures of a soldier, a baker, and an airplane man, they talk to him and take him on adventures.
But as Charles grows older the toys fall silent.
Open this book and…

Infinity and Me
By Kate Hosford
Illustrated by Gabi Swiatkowska
ISBN: 978-0-76-13-6726-0
When I looked up, I shivered. How many stars were in the sky? A million? A billion? Maybe the number was as big as infinity. I started to feel very, very small. How could I even think about something as big as infinity?
Uma can't help feeling small when she peers up at the night sky. She begins to wonder about infinity. Is infinity a number that grows forever? Is it an endless racetrack? Could infinity be in an ice cream cone? Uma soon finds that the ways to thing about this big idea may just be … infinite.

Pirate Diary
The Journal of Jake Carpenter
By Richard Platt
Illustrated by Chris Riddell
ISBN: 0-7636-0848-3
Beginning in 1716, Pirate Diary recounts the adventures of nine-year-old Jake Carpenter as he discovers the thrills and perils of life on the high seas. Join Jake as he explores the good ship Greyhound, meets fearsome Captain Nick, and learns about the mainmast and topsails, charts and backs hafts….
But the real excitement starts when pirates capture the ship--and Jake finds himself embarking on a new life on a new life on the wrong side of the law. He takes part in a daring treasure raid, endures a terrifying storm, and learns all about life under the pirate code.
Follow Jake's adventures in this rollicking account of pirate life by Richard Platt and Chris Riddell, the creators of Castle Diary.

The Storm
By Kathy Henderson
ISBN: 0-7636-0904-8
"All this is mine!" Jim shouts triumphantly, as he plays on the grassy bank near his house. But soon the sky grows dark, the wind picks up, and a terrible storm howls in from the sea. As Jim and his mother run from the rising water and wait in safety for the tide to turn, Jim develops a new respect for nature and its power.
Kathy Henderson's lyrical text and sensitive illustrations bring to life the beauty and ferocity of a stormy night.

Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock
Retold by Eric A Kimmel
Illustrated by Janet Stevens
ISBN: 0-8234-0689-x
Anansi the spider is walking through the forest when something catches his eye. It is a strange moss-covered rock. When Anasi discovers that the rock has special powers, he uses its magic to trick Lion, Elephant, Giraffe and Zebra. Little Bush Deer will not be fooled, however, and uses the rock to teach Anansi a lesson.

Anansi and the Talking Melon
Retold by Eric A. Kimmel
Illustrated by Janet Stevens
ISBN: 0-8234-1104-4
One fine morning Anansi the Spider drops into Elephant's melon patch. He takes a thorn from a tree and uses it to poke a hole in a big, juicy melon. He squeezes inside and starts eating.
Anansi eats and eats until he is round as a berry. Now he has a real problem---he's too fat to climb back out of the melon! While he waits to get thin again, he decides to have some fun. He talks to Elephant. Elephant is so impressed with "the talking melon" that he takes it to show the king. How Anansi amuses himself by fooling the other animals on the journey will delight readers who like to watch a good trickster at work.

Kitten's First Full Moon
By Kevin Kenkes
ISBN: 0-06-058829-2
What a night!
The moon is full.
Kitten is hungry
and inquisitive
and brave
and fast
and persistent
and unlucky…
then lucky!
What a night!

By Ari Berk
Illustrated by Loren Long
ISBN: 978-1-4169-7886-2
"Sense is the song you sing out into the world, and the song the world sings back to you."
With these words, Chiro's mother sends Chiro off into the night alone for the first time. It's an adventure, but how will he find his way? And how will he find his way home?
It's easy as long as he uses his good sense.

Mrs. O'Leary's Cow
Adapted By Mary Ann Hoberman
Illustrated by Jenny Mattheson
ISBN: 0-316-14840-7
"There'll be a hot time in the old town tonight!"
Adapted and expanded from the popular son, Mrs. O'Leary's Cow tells the story of an exciting rescue. When a careless cow kicks over a lantern, she never imagines the disaster it will cause. Who will save Mrs. O'Leary's poor cow from the fire?

The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash
By Trinka hakes Noble
Illustrated by Steven Kellogg
ISBN: 0-8037-1723-7
It starts off as an ordinary class trip to the farm--boring, kind of dull. But before very long, chaos takes over as one zany incident leads to another, even zanier; one. Soon the entire farm is uproariously out of control.
Steven Kellogg's full-color pictures prove an ideal match for Trinka Hakes Noble's droll cumulative tale in this slapstick romp.

Mary and Her Little Lamb
By Will Moses
ISBN: 978-0-399-25154-2
The poem about Mary and her little lamb is one of the most popular rhymes in America, but did you know that the rhyme is true? There once was a little girl named Mary who saved the life of a tiny lamb. The two became best friends, and that silly little lamb followed Mary everywhere---even to school!
With his trademark folk art style, Will Moses paints the true story of Mary and her little lamb and shows how she went from being a small-town Massachusetts girl to an American folk hero.

Me, All Alone, at the End of the World
By M. T. Anderson
Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes
ISBN: 07636-1586-2
A boy lives alone at the End of the World, hunting for treasure with old maps, playing ball by the drop. It's a peaceful, contemplative life, and the boy is content. Until, that is, a self-styled Professional Visionary arrives and puts up a sign:
M. T. Anderson's lyric homage to simplicity and self-reliance is brought to life in arresting and vivid detail by Kevin Hawkes's masterful illustrations. Together they create a fantastical yet evocative world sure to resonate with everyone who enters it.

Sea of Dreams
By Dennis Nolan
ISBN: 978-1-59643-470
On a beautiful sunlit beach, a girl builds a magnificent sandcastle. As night falls the girl heads for home. Waves move ever closer to the castle, threatening its survival. Suddenly, in one of its windows, a light goes on…
Discover what happens next in this imaginative fantasy by award-winning author and illustrator, Dennis Nolan. His gorgeously detailed paintings will delight and surprise you.

A Handful of Seeds
By Monica Hughes
Illustrated by Luis Garay
ISBN: 0-531-09498-7
"Remember to save enough seed for the next planting," Concepcion's grandmother said. "Then you will always have something to eat."
But one sad day, Grandmother dies and Concepcion is forced to leave the farm they shared. She bundles up some corn, brands, and chilies and moves into the city. The barrio is crowded and ugly, a hostile place for gardens--and for little girls. But even so, Concepcion frinds a way to harvest her grandmother's legacy of hope.
With a spare text and illustrations that honor the dignity of hardworking people, this tender story will thrive, like a handful of hardy seeds, in the hearts of children everywhere.

Making the MOOSE Out of Life
By Nicholas Oldland
ISBN: 977-1-55453-580-4
There once was a moose who lived in the wild but didn't act wild at all. His friends seemed to have fun whatever the occasion. Not this mild-mannered moose. But every now and then he would wonder if he was missing out on something…
One fine day, the moose took a chance and set out on a spur-of-the-moment sailing trip that ended in a raging storm at sea. Stranded far from home, the moose had a decision to make: Was he going to curl up in a ball and cry, or was he going to make the most of it?
Starring a charming cast of characters, Nicholas Oldland's light-hearted, contemporary fable celebrates living life to the fullest.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Vol. 1
By Shanower Young
ISBN: 978-1-61479-226-0
L. Frank Baum's beloved classic gets the Marvel treatment! When Kansas girl Doroth flies away to the magical Land of Oz, she fatally flattens a Wicked Witch, liberates a living Scarecrow, and is hailed by the Munchkin people as a great sorceress… but all she really wants to know is: how does she get home?

A Bear Called Paddington
By Michael Bond
ISBN: 978-0-618-15071-7
Mr. and Mrs. Brown first meet Paddington---a most endearing bear from Darkest Peru---on a railway platform in London. He is sitting on a battered suitcase, wearing a most odd-looking hat and sign hanging around his neck that says, "Please look after this bear." So that is just what they do, little knowing that their lives will never be the same.
Paddington's good intentions are equaled only by his absolute talent for getting into trouble, and readers of all ages will welcome him into their homes as happily as Mr. and Mrs. Brown.

Strega Nona Does It Again
By Tomie dePaola
ISBN: 978-0-399-25781-0
Strega Nona has the perfect remedy for a houseguest who overstays her welcome.
When Strega Nona's young cousin comes to stay, the whole household is excited--at first. But then the spoiled Angelina decides that Big Anthony should be her footman and Bambolona her maid. Angelina's nonstop demands have the whole household in a tizzy! It seems the only thing that makes the lovesick Angelina happy is pining for Hugo, so it's up to Strega Nona to devise a plan that will make everyone happy, restoring peace in her household---and showing two vain young lovers how much they deserve each other!
Once again the amazing Tomie dePaola brings Strega Nona and her energetic household to fabulous live. With hilarious illustrations packed with details of Angelina's over-the-top antics, Strega Nona's latest outing begs to be read over and over again.

Baba Yaga and Vasilisa the Brave
As told by Marianna Mayer
Illustrated by K. Y. Craft
ISBN: 0-688-08500-8
On the edge of a dark forest lives the gentle and beautiful Vasilisa, in a house made miserable by her jealous stepmother and stepsisters. Deep within the same gloomy woods lives the witch Baba Yaga, in a house built with her victim's bones.
One night Vasilisa's stepmother orders her to find Baba Yaga's hut and bring back a candle to light their home. It is an errand from which she has little hope of returning alive, yet Vasilisa bravely ventures into the forbidding forest. For protection she bears only her favorite doll, a token of her true mother's love. The tale of how this clever orphan outwits the fearsome Baba Yaga and overcomes her cruel stepmother will captivate readers of all ages.

What Shall We do with the Boo-Hoo Baby?
By Cressida Cowell
Illustrated by Ingrid Godon

Amazing Airplanes
By Tony Mitton and Ant Parker
ISBN: 978-0-7534-5915-7
A plane is big and heavy, 
yet it climbs up really high.
It zooms along the runway
and soars into the sky!
Jet above the clouds with a loopy animal crew in this exhilarating picture book.
Zippy wordplay, zappy art, plus a helpful picture dictionary make learning about airplanes fun!

Retold and Illustrated by Warwick Hutton
ISBN: 0-689-50473
Every nine years, the people of ancient Athens were forced to send seven young men and seven maidens as tribute to Minos, king of Crete, or he would destroy their city. The young people were given to the Minotaur, Minos's monstrous son, who was half man, half bull. How Theseus, the king of Athens's son, risked his life to save the young tributes and to slay the Minotaur is one of the great classic Greek myths.
Here, in luminous watercolor paintings and straightforward text, Warwick Hutton brings the my th alive for contemporary children. Brilliant sunlight and shadow, the rocky shores of Crete, the changing colors of sea and sky, and the mythic figures of the hero Theseus, the god Dionysus and his following of satyrs, the monstrous Minotaur and the intricacies of his labyrinth fill these pages.
Warwick Hutton, widely acclaimed for such earlier works as THE TINDERBOX, MOSES IN THE BULRUSHES, and ADAM AND EVE, has created another distinguished and unusual book.

Chicken Soup with Rice - a book of months
By Maurice Sendak
ISBN: 0-06-025535-8
Each month is gay,
each season is nice,
when eating chicken soup
with rice.

In the Night Kitchen
By Maurice Sendak
ISBN: 0-06-026668-6

Tell Me a Dragon
By Jackie Morris
ISBN: 978-1-84507-534-7
"My dragon is as big as a village, jade-inged and amber-eyed, with a tail as long as a river."
Dragons come in every shape and size. In lyrical words and breathtaking pictures, boys and girls describe their dragons - and in a final gathering of fire, scales and claws you can imagine your own special dragon.

Ox, House, Stick the History of Our Alphabet
By Don Robb
Illustrated by Anne Smith
ISBN: 978-1-57091-609-0
You can send a message in a lot of ways: e-mail, snail mail, or text messages, to name a few. But for thousands of years, human beings had no written language. To share information they simply talked to one another.
Eventually people needed a way to communicate that was more permanent than speech. That's where the alphabet came in.
Through centuries of scientific study and scholarly debate, we can trace the origins of our familiar letters.
  • A was once an ox head. Turn it upside down and spot the horns!
  • Think you know N? Would you believe it was once a fish?
  • Hiss an S through your teeth. Believe it or not, this letter came from an ancient word for "teeth."
With witty collage illustrations and clear, concise prose, this book describes the development of our Roman alphabet from ancient times to the present day. You'll never look at ABC the same way again!
*this book was a bit over their head and I lost their attention after the first page, but I found it interesting, definitely a book to re-visit again!

George the Knight
By Leon Read and Clare Elsom
ISBN: 978-0-7787-0578-9
George really wants to be a knight. But he needs a sword, a shield, a horse….

By Lynda Sorensen

The American Flag
By Susan H. Gray
ISBN: 0-7565-0140-7
The Let's See series from Compass Point Books introduces young readers to a range of interesting subjects. With full-color images and easy-to-read texts, these books explain topics such as why the American flag has stars and stripes, how the Statue of Liberty was built, and what Mount Rushmore means to people. A glossary, Did You Know? and Want to Know More? resources, and an index are included.

By Matt Doeden
Illustrated by Jonathan Mayer
ISBN: 1-4296-1295-9
Fiery breath, armor like scales, and razor-sharp teeth. These things and more make dragons deadly beasts of legend. Expore the different parts of dragons' bodies to learn how they breath fire, how they fly, and where dragon slayers can find their weaknesses.

Whatever Happened to the Dinosaurs?
By Bernard Most
ISBN: 0-15-395295-0
Are they hibernating? Playing hide-and-go-seek? Maybe they're in jail!
Such is the delightful speculation of Bernard Mast's picture book that poses a very important question: Whatever happened to the dinosaurs? Bold lines and bright, welcome tones of blue, green, and yellow portray the possibilities -- the prehistoric beasts are at large in cities, in jungles, underwater, even in disguises.
Sure to beguile the youngest readers, this companion to the author's previous book, If the Dinosaurs Came Back is a made-to-order fantasy for dedicated dinosaur lovers of all ages.

Dinosaur JOKES
By U.R. Phunny
ISBN: 1-59197-621-9

Fox in Socks
By Dr. Seuss
ISBN: 978-0-394-80038-7
Take it SLOWLY.
This Book is DANGEROUS!

My First Ghost
By Maggie Miller and Michael Leviton
Illustrated by Stephanie Buscema
ISBN: 978-142311949-4
This book is haunted….
Between these pages lives your very own ghost. So please do not shake, rattle, or in any way joggle this book---ghosts hate that! Instead, turn the first few pages and introduce yourself to your new phantom pal.
Not sure how to take care of a ghost? You're in luck! That's what this book is all about. Inside, you'll find out how to feed, groom, and play with your ghost. Soon you'll become a ghost-care expert! And you'll make a lifelong friend.

500 Great Comic Book Action Heroes
By Mike Conroy
ISBN: 0-7641-2581-8
*we only looked through the pictures of this one
Casey Jones's Fireman
The Story of Sim Webb
By Nancy Farmer
Illustrated by James Bernardin
ISBN: 0-8037-1929-9
THE TALE OF CASEY JONES has inspired many songs and stories. Now Nancy Farmer, two-time Newbery Honor winner, brings us an entirely new account of what might have happened on that fateful night, told from the perspective of the legendary engineer's fireman, Sim Webb.
Sim Webb was born to work for the railroad. HE's a fireman--shoveling coal into the furnace that heats the steam for the train engine. Sim works with Casey Jones, the railroad's best engineer. And Casey Jones has the best and biggest steam whistle on any train. That is, until Casey and Sim meet a sinister redheaded gentleman who offers Casey an even larger whistle made of all gold and with a heavenly sound. Casey must have the whistle at any cost, but Sim realizes that the unearthly whistle does not belong in human hands. Can Sim stop Casey from using the golden whistle before it dooms not only the train, but the entire world?
Using the famous incident from the lives of Sim Webb and Casey Jones, who worked for the Illinois Central Railroad in the last years of the nineteenth century, Nancy Farmer has crafted a thrilling tale of mythic proportions. And James Bernardin's vivid illustrations bring history and fable alive.

Everyday Science Experiments with Food
By John Daniel Hartzog
ISBN: 0-8239-5460-9
If You Lived Here
By Giles Laroche
ISBN: 978-0-547-23892-0
If you lived here, in this ancient Greek village, you house would look almost exactly like your neighbor's.
And if you lived here, in this African village, where no two homes look alike, the outside of your home could tell the secret story of your family.
Step into homes from around the world and discover the many fascinating ways people have lived and still live today. Uncover the reason why each home was constructed the way that it was -- from houses built on maze-like streets (to confuse invaders) to homes built on wheels (to be able to travel in your home at any time!).

Best of the National Air and Space Museum
Edited By F. Robert Van der Linden
ISBN: 978-0-06-085155-2
Experience the thrill of some of the world's most important airplanes and spacecraft. Best of the National Air and Space Museum provides unprecedented access to the world's most visited museum, the host of more than 9 million visitors a year. Together with its newly opened Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, the museum is the undisputed authority on flight, displaying aircraft and spacecraft from around the globe from every era of flight.
Best of the National Air and Space Museum features the best of both locations in one volume, from the very first aircraft, the Wright 1903 Flyer, to the Douglas World Cruiser that first circumnavigated the globe by air, and Charles Lindbergh's Ryan NYP Spirit of St. Louis in which he became the first person to fly solo, nonstop across the Atlantic. Other outstanding artifacts include the Boeing 307 Stratoliner, the first airliner with a pressurized cabin; John Glenn's Mercury capsule Friendship 7, in which he became the first American to orbit the earth; and the beautiful Concorde supersonic transport. Here too are the Lockheed SR-71, the fastest aircraft ever built; the Apollo 11 command module Columbia that took the first men to the Moon; the space shuttle Enterprise; and SpaceShipOne, the world's first privately developed spacecraft and the museum's most recent acquisition.
*we looked through the pictures of this one, we did not read it.

Meet the Dragons
Adapted by Catherine Happy
Illustrated by Charles Grosvenor (Pencils), and Justin Gerard (Paintings)
ISBN: 978-0-06-156733-9
Did you know that Gronckles can turn rocks into lava balls? Or that Nadders can't see you if you stand completely still? Meet all the ferocious, fire-breathing characters from How to Train Your Dragon!

Defend the Castle
LEGO Kingdoms
By Hannah Dolan
ISBN: 978-1448-759149
Visit the Lion King's castle and find out who wants to attack the kingdom!

P. J. Funnybunny Camps Out
By Marilyn Sadler
Illustrated by Roger Bollen
ISBN: 0-679-93269-0

The Crock Takes the Cake
Jake and the Neverland Pirates
By Melinda La Rose
Illustrated by Alan Batson
ISBN: 978-1-61479-245-1

Oliver the Pig and the Best Fort Ever
By Jean Van Leeuwen
Illustrated by Ann Schweninger
ISBN: 0-8037-2888-3
OLIVER wants to build the biggest, tallest, strongest, best fort ever. It will be so cool. But first there are a few problems. What can he use to build it?
Mother and Father will be angry if he uses father's tomato poles or mother's picnic table from the backyard. And who is going to help him?
Not his little sister, Amanda. No girls are allowed in Oliver's fort!
Luckily for Oliver, his good pals James and Albert are excited to join in. They have some stuff to share too. It's a big job. Find out in four funny chapters just how they do it.

More Tales of Oliver Pig
By Jean Van Leeuwen
Illustrated by Arnold Lobel
ISBN: 0-8335-0392-8
Here is the whole Pig family: Oliver and his little sister Amanda baking mud pies; Grandmother singing songs; Father answering questions; and Mother gently helping a little pig who doesn't feel sleepy to fall asleep. Young readers will savor all of Oliver's tales about his daily life!

Poppy the Pirate Dog's New Shipmate
By Liz Kessler
Illustrated by Mike Phillips
ISBN: 978-0-7636-6751-1
POPPY is lonely. Now that summer is over, Suzy and Tim have gone back to school and Mom and Dad are back at work. What's a pirate dog to do when there's no one around to help bury her treasure?
So, when her family decides to get her a friend to keep her company, Poppy is thrilled. But when she meets her new shipmate, he is not at all what she expected -- or wanted! Will Poppy be able to find a way to deal with the newest member of the family -- or will she mutiny?
Find out in this second Poppy the Pirate Dog adventure from the New York Times best-selling author Liz Kessler!

Batman Reptile Rampage
By Katharine Turner
Illustrated by Steven E Gordon (pictures) and Eric A Gordon (colors)
ISBN: 978-0-606-23593-8
A Gotham City hospital is being terrorized by Killer Croc, and it's up to Batman to save the day! Can the Caped Crusader clean the city sewers of this rotten reptile?

PEANUTS Take a Hike, Snoopy
Adapted by Judy Katschke
Art adapted by Nick and Peter LoBianco
ISBN: 978-159961-808-1
Follow Snoopy, the world-famous Beagle Scout! He leads Woodstock and friends into the wilderness. Together they hike through thunderstorms, cross tall bridges, and have other adventures in the great outdoors!

by Kirsten Mayer
Illustrated by Andy Smith (pictures) and Brad Vancata (colors)
ISBN: 978-0-06-221003-6
When members of the Justice League visit Atlantis for a tour with their friend King Arthur, they don't anticipate also running into Black Manta! Luckily, Aquaman is ready to face off with his nemesis.

The Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip
By Joanna Cole
Illustrated by Bruce Degen
ISBN: 0-590-44683-5

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
#1 A Song for Aunt Polly
By Mark Twain, Adapted by Catherine Nichols
Illustrated by Amy Bates
ISBN: 978-1-4027-3278-4
Where is Tom Sawyer? Aunt Polly has been looking all over for him. It's time for his piano lesson---but Tom has other plans.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
#2 The Best Fence Painter
By Mark Twain Adapted by Catherine Nichols
Illustrated by Amy Bates
ISBN: 978-1-4027-3288-1
What a long, long fence Tom has to paint! He is sure he will never finish. Then Tom has an idea….

STUART LITTLE Stuart Hides Out
By Susan Hill
Illustrated by Lydia Halverson
ISBN: 0-06-029536-8
One day Stuart Little's family goes out. Stuart and the family cat, Snowbell, decide to play hide-and-seek. "You hide," says Snowbell. "I'll seek." but Snowbell doesn't really want to play; he settles down for a nap. Meanwhile, Stuart finds a good hiding place---maybe too good. In fact, it's dangerous.
Will Snowbell come to Stuart's rescue? Find out in this new adventure inspired by the hit movie Stuart Little.

By Syd Hoff
ISBN: 0-06-022490-8
Whether about a dinosaur, a seal or an utterly affable gorilla, Syd Hoff's books for beginning readers are enthusiastically acclaimed by children and grownups alike.
Julius is as happy to find Davy and his father in the African jungle as they are eager to find a gorilla for the circus. Once in America, Julius takes to his new job with great enthusiasm. He is a star attraction, and he loves his work.
But one day, while trying to frighten away an impertinent fly, Julius unfortunately frightens away his audience. He sets off to find them, only to get lost himself. How Davy and the circus folk recover Julius, in just the same manner as Davy and Julius discovered each other in Africa, makes a warm and glee-filled tale which first- and second-graders will love to read again and again.

STAR WARS Are Ewoks Scared of Stormtroopers?
By Catherine Saunders
ISBN: 978-1-4654-1416-8
Meet the bravest heroes in the Star Wars galaxy, who defeat evil villains against all odds.

Miss Bindergarten and the Best Friends
By Joseph Slate
Illustrated by Ashley Wolff
ISBN: 978-0-8037-3989-5
Emily and Vicky like all the same things.
Are they twins? Read this book and find out.

More of Monkey and Robot
By Peter Catalanotto
Missing: Robots's beach shovel, a banana, apple juice, peanut butter, bread, cereal and milk, a great Halloween costume for Monkey, and the owner of … a tire?
Found: All of the above---somewhere in the neighborhood.
Monkey and Robot's stories of best friendship are laugh classics. Here are four new ones.

Pirate Mom
By Deborah Underwood
Illustrated by Stephen Gilpin
ISBN: 0-375-93323-9
Yo ho ho! Pete thinks pirates are cool. Then his mom turns into one. Now he wants his real mom back!

The Magic Porridge Pot
Retold by Harriet Ziefert
Illustrated by Emily Bolam
ISBN: 0-14-038189-9
A little girl is given a magic pot. When she is hungry, it fills with porridge. When she is down eating, she tells it to stop. Then her mother tries to use the pot, but magic can do strange things if you don't know how to use it.

Hiccup the Seasick Viking
By Cressida Cowell
ISBN: 0-531-30278-4
Gather round all ye mates and hear the hilarious tale of Hiccup the Seasick Viking, a little landlubber who's going to sea for the very first time….
Hiccup is a Viking. But he is not big and burly, with a bushy mustache. He is tiny and thoughtful and polite. He is also afraid of going to sea. Unfortunately, his first voyage begins very soon -- next Tuesday morning.
"You can't be frightened, little Hiccup," roars his father, Stoick the Vast. "Vikings don'g get frightened." And they don't get seasick either … or do they?
Here is the saga of a pint-sized sailor who charts his own brave course.

One Hundred Hungry Ants
By Elinor J. Pinczes
Illustrated by Bonnie Mackain
ISBN: 0-395-63116-5
Hi dee ho! It's off to a picnic we go! One hundred very hungry ants hurry to sample the delights of a nearby picnic, but marching single file seems too slow for 100 empty tummies. One enterprising ant suggests they travel in two rows of 50, four rows of 25 … and the division begins.

Inchworm and a Half
By Elinor J. Pinczes
Illustrated by Randall Enos
ISBN: 0-395-82849-X
What's a fraction?
A puzzled inchworm enlists the aid of ½-inch, ½-inch and ¼-inch worms in her quest to measure all the vegetables in their garden. New lengths bring new fractions to conquer, but the clever worms prove equal to every challenge, triumphantly munching their way through this delicious tale of math and measuring.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: Tea with Mr. Tumnus
Adapted by Jennifer Frantz
ISBN: 978-0-06-079117-9
When Lucy stumbles unexpectedly into the magical land of Narnia, she is afraid she will never make it back home. Luckily she meets a friendly Faun named Mr. Tumnus, who offers her afternoon tea and helps her find her way. Join this unusual pair for tea and sardines---but do not tell the White Witch!

A Pocket Full of Kisses
By Audrey Penn
Illustrated by Barbara Leonard Gibson
ISBN: 0-878680894-3
In this tender sequel to the New York Times bestseller and children's classic The Kissing Hand, Audrey Penn provides parents with another tale of love and reassurance to share with their children. Chester Raccoon has a baby brother--and at the baby is a bit more than Chester had bargained for. "Please, can we give him back?" he begs Mrs. Raccoon, to no avail. The last straw is when Chester sees his mother give his baby brother a Kissing Hand---his Kissing Hand, Chester things. He is overcome with sorrow, but Mrs. Raccoon assuages his fears with her own special brand of wisdom, finding just the right way to let Chester know that he is deeply loved. This heartwarming story, brought to life by Barbara Leonard Gibson's warm illustrations, is perfect for families who are adjusting to all the changes new members can bring!

Splish, Splash, Splat!
By Rob Scotton
ISBN: 978-0-06-197868-5
Splat does want to have a playmate with Spike. Spike will break his toys and eat all of his candy fish! And he does NOT want to learn how to swim---water is horrible, scary, and wet! He's sure that this is going to be the worst day ever. But when the rest of their classmates rush straight into the pool. Splat and Spike find that they may have more in common than they thought. Will Splat overcome his fear of water and get into the pool? And how can he help Spike to do the same?

The Tortoise and the Hare
By Jerry Pinkney
ISBN: 978-0-316-18356-7
Even the s…l…o…w…e…s…t tortoise can defeat the quickest hare, and even the PROUDEST hare can learn form the humblest tortoise.
This companion to the Caldecott Medal-winning The Lion & the Mouse is Jerry Pinkney's most stunning masterpiece yet, a superbly rendered journey from starting line to finish that embodies the bravery, perseverance, and humility we can all find inside ourselves.

Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping
By Peggy Parish
Illustrated by Lynn Sweat
ISBN: 0-8124-4473-6
Amelia Bedlia has never been camping in the great outdoors before. She's trying her best to do exactly as she's told, but pitching a tent is not the same as throwing it into the bushes, and catching a fish with your bare hands isn't easy. As usual, the mixed-up housekeeper making this camping trip one hugely entertaining adventure.

Amelia Bedelia, Bookworm
By Peggy Parish
Illustrated by Lynn Sweat
ISBN: 0-06-051891-x
Overdue for some fun?
If so, check out everyone's favorite literal-minded housekeeper, Amelia Bedelia. Nothing makes Amelia Bedelia happier than helping people and doing exactly as she's told. And what could be more satisfying than a day spent volunteering at the library?
But Mrs. Page, the librarian, is surprised when Amelia Bedelia steals away in the bookmobile for a bookstore visit. Can Amelia Bedelia explain that she was just trying to go by the book? Or will she have the book thrown at her for this latest misunderstanding?

If You Take a Mouse to School
By Laura Numeroff
Illustrated by Felicia Bond
ISBN: 0-06-028328-9
If you take a mouse to school, he'll ask you for your lunch box/ When you give him your lunch box, he'll want a sandwich to go in it. Then he'll need a notebook and some pencils. He'll probably want to share your backpack, too….
The famous mouse from the New York Times #1 best-seller IF YOU TAKE A MOUSE TO THE MOVIES and IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE A COOKIE is back for his first day of school. Only Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond could make school this much fun!

If You Give a Pig a Pancake
By Laura Numeroff
Illustrated by Felicia Bond
ISBN: 0-06-026678-2
If you give a pig a pancake, she'll want some syrup to go with it. You'll give her some of your favorite maple syrup. She'll probably get all sticky, so she'll want to take a bath. She'll ask you for some bubbles. When you give her the bubbles….
Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond have done it again! In keeping with their best-sellers IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE A COOKIE and IF YOU GIVE A MOOSE A MUFFIN, chaos is the order of the day when an accommodating little girl tries to keep up with the whims of a busy little pig.

I Am Superman
By Michael Teitelbaum
Illustrated by Rick Farley
ISBN: 978-0-06-187857-2
Superman is in his Fortress of Solitude when Lex Luthor puts all of Metropolis in danger. Can Superman fly back to the city in time to stop Lex and save the day?