Friday, January 31, 2014

Tea Time in Narnia

My High King Peter asked to listen to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe yesterday. While listening, we did our daily routines, the boys played, I did my mommy chores. I then crafted some snowflakes from white coffee filters and applied them to the picture window along with the boys' names.
 After a light lunch, I was inspired to have a tea party with the boys while listening to the audiobook. Here's a picture of the setup. I bought the boys each a porcelain Peter Rabbit mug for Christmas, and my lovely mother-in-law has a great collection of tea pots, cups, and saucers, which she allowed me to pick through when she was making a move with her husband from a six bedroom house in Whitehall, PA to a two bedroom condo in Vero Beach, FL. The tea pot, fancy mug, saucer, and the candy dish holding the Turkish delight are from that collection.

After we had our tea party, the boys wanted to play outside, it was 10 degrees F when I first woke up, and it was supposed to get up to 34 degrees F around three or four in the afternoon. I was in my closet putting things away when I happened upon my husband's cold weather fire fighting outfit. I creatively made that into my snowsuit along with his new work boots, which I added a few layers of thick socks to help them fit. I don't like cold weather too much, but the boys do. Here's a picture of me ready to play in the snow (my gloves are in my hands - can't take a picture with them on):

The boys and I attempted making a snow man, but the snow wouldn't roll up nicely into a ball, so we made a snow hill. I made a snow angel. Edmund attempted one and Peter just wanted to throw snowballs. I had a wonderful idea to take a walk. We walked around our block and slid all through the streets. They were basically a sheet of ice. It was great fun running and "skating" in the streets. The boys listened very well when a car was coming, we all scrambled up onto the sidewalks. 
The boys ended the afternoon with a bubble bath, I with a shower. I made soft boiled eggs and toast (like the meal Tumnus made for Lucy), and had more of that wacky cake (see my very first post). And after brushing our teeth and getting dressed for bed, we read five books for bedtime. 

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