Saturday, February 1, 2014

Black History Month

My lot of books ordered from ebay came in time for the start of Black History Month. Here's my collection:

D is for Drinking Gourd: An African American Alphabet 
by Nancy I. Sanders
Illustrated by E. B. Lewis
ISBN: 978-1-58536-293-6
The tapestry of American history is made up of countless threads marking the contributions of people from many different backgrounds and cultures. In D is for Drinking Gourd: An African American Alphabet, author Nancy I. Sanders highlights many of the remarkable achievements of and contributions from African Americans throughout our history.
     Evocative watercolor paintings from acclaimed artist E. B. Lewis perfectly capture the spirit of each letter topic's poem and expository text.
D is for Drinking Gourd,
and the North Star that led through the night
from station to station on the Underground Railroad,
escaping on a dangerous flight.
     From the bravery of the early abolitionists to the cultural legacy of the Harlem Renissance, D is for Drinking Gourd illuminates the amazing and ongoing role the African American community has played in the shaping of our country.

By Joan M. Lexau
Illustrated by Don Bolognese
ISBN: not available

Bright Eyes, Brown Skin
By Cheryl Willis Hudson & Bernette G. Ford
Illustrated by George Ford
ISBN: 0-590-45416-1
Bright eyes,
Brown skin,
A heart-shaped face,
A dimpled chin.
We love who we are!

Jonathan and His Mommy
By Irene Smalls
Illustrated by Michael Hays
ISBN: 0-439-07948-9
Take big giant steps,
then some
hip-swaying reggae steps
as you explore
the neighborhood with 
Jonathan and his mommy.

Let's Read About…Rosa Parks
By Courtney Baker
Illustrated by Robert Hunt
ISBN: 0-439-56413-1
Rosa Parks believed in herself and worked hard to succeed from the time she was a girl.
Read about Rosa, a young woman who helped change history when she fought for black people's equal rights.

By Donald Crews
ISBN: 0-440-84631-5

Free at Last! The Story of Martin Luther King, Jr.
By Angela Bull
ISBN: 0-7894-5717-2
Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that one day all people would be treated as equals, whatever the color of their skin.

Ty's One-man Band
By Mildred Pitts Walter
Illustrations by Margot Tomes
ISBN: 0-590-40178-5
Ty's One-man Band is featured on Reading Rainbow, the acclaimed PBS-TV series celebrating books and reading. Consultants to this award-winning series include the American Library Association, the National Education Association, and the National PTA.

By Page McBrier
Illustrated by Lori Lohstoeter
ISBN: 0-439-37599-1

When This Box Is Full
By Patricia Lillie
Illustrated by Donald Crews
ISBN: 0-590-48762-0

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters: An African Tail
By John Steptoe
ISBN: 0-590-42058-5
Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters was inspired by a folktale collected by G. M. Theal and published in 1895 in his book, Kaffir Folktales. Details of the illustrations were inspired by the ruins of an ancient city found in Zimbabwe, and the flora and fauna of that region. The names of the characters are from the Shona language: Mufaro (moo-FAR-oh) means "happy man"; Nyasha (nee-AH-sha) means "mercy"; Manyara (main-YAE-ah) means "ashamed"; and Nyoka (nee-YO-kah) means "snake." The author wishes to thank Niamani Mutima and Ona Kwanele, of the Afro-American Institute, and Jill Penfold, of the Zimbabwe Mission, for their helpful assistance in the research for this book.

RAP A TAP TAP: Here's Bojangles -- Thank of That!
By Leo & Diane Dillon
ISBN: 0-439-45597-9
The Snowy Day
By Ezra Jack Keats
ISBN: 978-0-670-01270-1

By Don Freeman
ISBN: 978-0670013111

A Pocket for Corduroy
By Don Freeman
ISBN: 978-0142410400

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