Friday, February 7, 2014

The Air Plane Museum

This morning the boys snuggled so nicely to wake up calm and peacefully. I was still very tired, but I love the gentle wake ups. We then ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for breakfast, as requested from the boys. After they played with the alligators they got from their Babci & Pop-pop for Valentine's Day, we bundled up and went to Walmart. The boys decided they needed balloons, the big, huge mylar balloons - so I allowed them to carry them around the store so they could wander a little and I could find them again easily, and then we returned them to their original place.

We continued our sojourns by driving to Hampton, VA to the Virginia Air & Space Center. Thankfully I lived in Ocean View for about five years because I knew the back way around the traffic backup on I-64W. We got there without delay, but I warned Peter that if the Willoughby Spit exit would be closed, then we would have to try going to his Airplane museum another day, but thankfully made it there and we had so much fun!

We then stopped at the library to drop off the majority of our library picks, but saved our favorites to re-"read again and again" as Edmund likes to say, and I picked up 18 new items, although I found out two of them are big chapter books for older children, I will be returning them because they are parts of a series that is inappropriate for the boys.  The library book list is up. Edmund was sleeping in the car, but awoke as we came inside the house, so much for a nice nap. The moods were irritable after lunch, so the boys got to watch a Leap Frog show, and two Magic School bus episodes. Later I found as I had been doing laundry and other things as they were watching their shows that they had raided the refrigerator and ate all but eight strawberries in the play room! No wonder why they weren't very hungry for dinner tonight. I made penne with shrimp and broccoli scampi. It was so delicious. I went through their spent strawberries that were half eaten and made myself a milkshake for dessert. They got a big talking to about helping themselves to food in the refrigerator and hiding it. We discussed bugs and animals in the house if we leave out food, and that I need to wash the fruits (usually apples, now strawberries) before they take it out, and trim off the tops of the strawberries so the strawberries aren't wasted.

That was our day. We ended it by reading the first three books of the new library book list.

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