Friday, February 7, 2014

First Tumbling Class

I didn't post about yesterday because I was EXHAUSTED!
We had so much fun!
We started the day off with bouncing Mommy out of bed, then we breakfasted, got our gear together and went off to the rec. center. Peter had tumbling classes and I was blown away at his enthusiasm, attention and ability. I am very comfortable with the teach, Miss Jan, and can't wait for next week's class. He also made a friend instantly and they bonded over Spiderman. Peter was wearing spiderman socks, and his friend was wearing a spiderman shirt. Unfortunately you won't be getting any pictures from tumbling class because photos are not allowed per the teacher.
After tumbling class we went to the swimming pool to meet up with friends for a playdate, and another boy from tumbling class was there too! This kid is a natural swimmer! He wore goggles and his mom told me he just taught himself to swim. Well my boys were as enthusiastic as he was and kept showing me how they could put their faces in the water and blow bubbles. Peter even did a little underwater swim where he kicked his feet and held his breath! I was so impressed.
We then went to the Commissary for some necessitates, the boys wanted blood oranges, I got a bag of mineolas (also knowns as honey bells and tangelos), along with other goodies. Driving in the car we were listening to audio books of Peter Rabbit and other Beatrix Potter stories, and the boys wanted to watch Peter Rabbit on TV. I have a Peter Rabbit VHS that a neighbor gave me from 1993 (the 100th anniversary special) and the tracking is really bad. They struggled through watching it with little to no patience as they yelled at the TV every time it had to reset itself. Afterwards they had me read them the treasury of Beatrix Potter books. We then had a tea party with their Peter Rabbit mugs. We then took a bubble bath to get the chlorine off our bodies, and we changed into our warmest pajamas to watch some TV as I was supposed to be making dinner, but I was so tired I sat on the couch and took a nap. As I heard the second episode of Wild Kratts start, I got up and prepared dinner - bagels with cream cheese, it's what the boys wanted and I was so tired, I was happy that's all they wanted. After dinner the boys colored a little as I cleaned up the crumbs, then we picked out books, brushed teeth, read the books and went to bed. I asked Peter what the best part of the day was, his reply, "tumbling class and swimming." Made me smile that I enrolled him in both!

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